Forget Gun Control: We Need “Crazy White People” Control

Never let a tragedy go to waste, right?

In light of (yet again, another) mass shooting, here we meet again at the intractable crossroads of gun control, mental health, and 2nd Amendment rights.

It’s easy enough to outlaw firearms, repossess said firearms from the safe, gun-having havens of America, force criminals to pinkie-promise not to use firearms in future violent misdeeds, liquidate gun manufacturers, and repeal the 2nd Amendment.


Original image at Caffeine Informer

But that’s not getting at the root of [most] mass shootings: the crazy white people. You know the types:

The ones who won’t leave their bedrooms, cover their windows, and gravitate toward violence.

The ones who keep to themselves, dwell within despondence, and isolate from family.

The depressed, sullen, withdrawn. 

The lone wolves, narcissists, image-obsessed manifestoists.

The socially-withdrawn, obsessive-compulsive, manifesto-writers. (Y’all need to quit with the manifestos, sheesh)

The (again) manifesto-authoring, “kissless,” and ultimately, friendless. 

Gun control only solves part of the equation. The rest is “crazy white people” control.


Instead of banning firearm ownership, how about banning manifesto writing?

Instead of taking away guns, why not take these people away from dark bedrooms and into the sunshine?

Instead of giving mental healthcare, how about giving a care, befriending and girlfriending these lonely people?

To think, the key to saving lives might just be saving lives.

But nah. Take the guns; leave the crazy. 


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