Using This One Hashtag Will Make Jesus Cry

I might be the most anti-millennial millennial out there, but I’ll admit: I don’t mind a good #hashtag every now and then.

They’re great for laughs, trends, retweets, social change (lol), and all sorts of pulses on the effluent of social media.


Jesus wept (and it’s all your fault). #sad #lostsheep #sorrow

But there’s one hashtag that needs to die. And fast. You probably use it, and if you do, it makes Jesus cry:


Can we put this one out to pasture? Or better yet—put a captive bolt pistol to it?

Blow the dust off your KJV (King Jesus Version) Bible and take a spin through Chapter 5 of the Gospel of Matthew (last 3/4th of the Bible, in the New Testament—or as some say, ‘The Most Recent Testament‘). Here, Jesus “kept it 100” in his classic Sermon on the Mount. Blessed are the peacemakers. The meek. The pure in heart.

Now compare and contrast to the Gospel of Instagram:

Blessed are the poor in spirit — but #blessed are those who “OMG my parents are the best for buying me a new LEXUS for my 18th bday!!!! #birthdayweek #nowtofindajob LOL”

Blessed are those who mourn — but #blessed are those who “Cant Believe I Get To Travel The World And Wake Up To An Exotic Sunset Every Day”

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness — but #blessed are those who “Couldn’t thank Chef Mobané more for this AMAZING brunch! [Not pictured: Chocolate chip bacon MUFFINS(!) & pumpkin maple lattes]”

If you’re looking to brag on your life, then just do that straight-up. #brag #boast #gloat #showoff

But if you’re looking to be well and truly blessed? Get Jesus back on your side and drop the #blessed.



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