The Life Autistic: Learning from Children

Mo and Zo.png

I marvel at the hearts of my daughters. In a way, I feel they’ve given me more of a heart of my own.

This was a small but poignant moment that I was lucky to capture in sequence, something so natural, so pure.

And it’s something I feel I’m learning as an autistic adult!

I forget what kind of scolding Mo got to where she retreated pouting to a corner, but it involved probably roughhousing my youngest, Zo.

Not soon after Mo’s whimpers echo in our laundry corridor, on scoots Zo, as if to come ask Mo “what’s wrong?” 

She’s a 9-month old baby, yet she’s already in possession of a beautiful trait:

She runs to comfort sorrow.

What a profound little thing.

And of course, Mo reciprocates in kind.

They such sweet little humans, my greatest co-creations.

And this — this is how I learn about having a heart, by watching my little ones who do.


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