The Life Autistic: Wake Up Scary Early (and other autistic life hacks!)


I’ve been gnawing away at Tools of Titans, a ridiculously good compendium of success tactics, artifacts, dictums, and more — and it got me thinking:

The Life Autistic has its success principles that YOU could adopt.

Oh yes.

I have my own playbook, and while my life can be tough, I’ve discovered things that make it much more easy, much more successful — and you can try these autistic lifehacks at home yourself.

Here are a few:

Wake up scary early

No one is impressed if you stay up late. Waking up early? That takes guts. 3am, 4am, 5am guts. If you’re up later, you’re up to things: kids, emails, life. Early gets you ahead, sets your tempo, puts you in charge. And you’ll sleep a lot better at the end of it.

Make the bed before your day begins

I get anxiety if I don’t, but if I do, then I find I have at least put something in order. Order your first things, order your day.

Make “thank you” a habit

If you want to turn hateful into grateful, make this a routine. I’m ritualistic, so this has become part of my prose. Just say it. Say it often. It’s like planting sun, seed, and watering abundant without thing.

Buy extra laundry bags

The six dollars I spent buying six extra mesh laundry bags has completely eliminated the frustration of running out of laundry bags altogether. If you can spend a small sum to eliminate a large sum in headache – do it.


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