The Life Autistic: If being “weird” weren’t enough, add migraines

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 3.02.00 PM.png

Someone asked me what “the Hunter experience must be like.”

I wanted to joke and say “terrible,” but the question gave me pause.

It’s not something I’d wish on anyone.

Especially the migraines.

Autism and migraines apparently have a small relationship, a sort of fling. I’m stupidly fortunate not to suffer from many health related issues, but shoot — I’d give migraines away if I could.

Migraines are worse for autistic people

Yeah, neurotypicals can suffer from them as much as the next person, but they tend to be an unfortunate complicator to those of us on The Life Autistic.


We already feel bad (or at least a little ashamed) of our particular preferences

When I insist on keeping it cold, it’s not because I’m a robot (well, uh, anyway) — heat is a trigger. My avulsion to flourescent lighting is already odd, but when it’s migraine time, it’s critical.

My autism is already enough to generate sneers, but when it’s “oh AND for other reasons,” I’m already less thrilled about making insistence.

We also hate how it comes across as a crutch

It’s been more than once, but me needing to “go have a moment to myself” when there are too many people over, too much going on — it’s awkward AF to do that, even when it’s a legitimate migraine missile and not just “generally being autistic.”

It too often invites the question of “is he just faking it? you don’t look sick. you just want an excuse to get out of having to socialize with Aunt Cleotilda” or what have you.

Can we not just suffer in peace?


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