Hephaestus Unbound: Closing this Chapter, Opening the next

The time has come to close the blog of The Life Autistic.

I’ll be leaving this space up, as many seek, and many find, and many questions go answered here. It’s not much of a monument, but this space will have place for what served great purpose in writing, writing on autism, and birthing new journeys and cascades in my life.

But for my writing going forward, those words have new pages.

You can now find my writing on Substack.

I do hope you’ll sign up and follow along there.

Yes. This is a new venture.

The inner worlds, musings, revisiting the future, exploring the past, extended digressions and propulsions — I don’t promise the most clean gleanings, but they are true, cut close to the bone, marbled, raw.

Wait, Substack, hold ondoes that mean

It’s freely given for now, and there will be things I wish to craft forever free.

But maybe not everything. Maybe not always.

While I don’t know what is next, I know where.

Where is a good start.

I hope you will join me there.

Thank you for reading The Life Autistic, for being here.



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