The Life Autistic: Embracing Chaos


When I was younger, I’d find myself alarmed when visiting other people’s houses.


They were always so quiet.

My Life Autistic was a strange variant. I grew up as the oldest of five siblings. We always had pets. Toys were everywhere. Never a dull moment. Rarely a quiet moment, too.

Me being me, I needed the silence, the stepping away to recuperate.

But my “normal” was loud. Chaotic.

Yeah, I might prefer a more mellow environment, but even more so:

I prefer routine, even if that ‘routine’ is a little busy, bustling, and boisterous.

Call it adaptation, acclimation, whatever, I’ve grown used to my days with a pinch of chaos.

And now as a dad who’s 100% autistic but also 1,000% invested in my crazy daughters, I don’t mind their little lunacy, their banter, their normal whirlwinds of action.

Even though I’m not wired for messes and their loud antics, I’ve been rewired. 

I’ve embraced it. 

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