The Life Autistic: We have Perks!


Why am I laughing?

Well, I’ll get specific. But in general, there’s one fact I don’t highlight often enough.

The Life Autistic is not all bad!

In fact, I do enjoy some of the perks. Here’s a few:

1) Deep focus

I’m sure some humans and neurotypicals possess this too, but it’s wonderful to be able to summon a deepness in tasks that generates flow and keeps us fixed

2) Obsession

As an analyst, I tell people the following in truthful jest: “If you want this done quick, either get my boss to tell me to do it, or get me excited about it.”

I’ve burned hours on projects and data-driven explorations purely out of obsession with trying to find the answers. Once my obsession is popped, it don’t stop.

3) Detachment

On a sadder note, I recall being the designated ‘multimedia’ guy for two family funerals. Things get emotional, and sometimes I’m better able than others to detach from that and not get caught up when things need to happen.

Granted, I’m prone to really juvenile meltdowns over things I shouldn’t be upset over. But when it comes to things where I should be upset like everyone else, I’m usually not. And I can function where others don’t.

4) Memory

It’s amazing.

If you want me to remember something critical, mention it in passing, like it’s some weird piece of trivia. I’ll never forget.

Of course, if it’s actually important, and you tell me I must remember, I’m literally forgetting it as you tell me.

Ok, so this one is 50/50.

5) Difference

I don’t always enjoy the isolation, the otherness, being against the flow.

But at least I know I’m different and differently configured. If anything, that can be memorable!


There’s a whole host of other perks, like recall, name recognition, patterns, routines, self-awareness.

I like some of the practical ones too, like ‘control’ — which can come in handy when you’re trying to eat a brunch one handed while keeping a flailing one-year old baby in check ^_^


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