The Life Autistic in Paris

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What do you do with your otherness when you’re a world away?

Hey folks.

Sorry for the long pause – just got back from a weeklong stay in Paris, where I disconnected from work, social media, and the general fervor of life. A much needed anniversary trip for me and the missus, but it’s good to be back.

As I took this detour on The Life Autistic, I collected a lot of narratives along the way.

I’m looking through the travelogue from a different spectrum, the first time I’ve been wholly aboard after embracing my whole self.

The week sowed seeds for so many stories:

Why autistic people would have it good in French culture. 

How to blend in as a more normal human.

Braving the need for eye contact.

Making a six-step plan for even the simplest conversations in French.

How I can’t navigate while walking with bags.

The autistic advantage of being a tourist.

Defiantly Unique, but blending in.

How you’ll find the best burger in Paris at Goku Asian Canteen.

Planning through lines and rivers.

And just . . . so much more.

As I share mine too, I’d love to hear of more of your autistic experiences abroad.

Despite all autistic signs to the contrary, I kinda enjoy travel. Weird, huh? I’m already a “foreigner” to most humans anyway. To learn more about autism from an autistic person’s perspective, follow & subscribe to The Life Autistic here and on YouTube — or follow the more whimsical, spontaneous, and amusing content on Twitter / Instagram. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “The Life Autistic in Paris

  1. In my brand of autism (we all have different experiences), traveling abroad is much more freeing (although air travel brings out the worst); I do not need to speak (mostly point or act engaged) and can take in an experience while being more or less anonymous. Do I have anxiety and fear having to communicate? Sure… but overall it’s a vacation from me and my anxiety.

    As the years build, I’m finding it easier to get in that mode a little easier and look forward to it (especially if I build an itinerary and prep myself).

    With all that, my wife has to prep herself to deal with me and reduce expectations I have on her too, lol.

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